one team… one hour… one mission! 

Der 1. MysteryHotel Room im Chillten Bottrop!

Das Erfolgs-Live-Escape Game  jetzt auch im Chillten Bottrop. Erlebe ein außergewöhnliches Abenteuer mit Freunden, Familie oder deinem Partner im 1. MysteryHotel Room.

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tripadvisor-icon-png„One of the best experiences in Europe!“ We were on a trip through the Ruhrgebiet and it was an exciting time. Outstanding was our experience in the Chillten Bottrop where we stayed for a night. They offered an escape game in one of their rooms. We loved the idea and tried it. It was amazing. Really smart setup. Clever puzzles and a great finale. We played with 3 people and just made it (with a little help;). Can totally recommend this! -Peter M.

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Your Goal is...

…to escape the rooms. You have 1 hour!

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Inspect everything...

…to find clues and tools that can help you.

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Solve Puzzles & Riddles...

… by combining things and using your creativity.

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Work as a Team...

…to share the fun and reach your goal.

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. only limited slots available!

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The Challenges: Riddles, Puzzles and more


Your team is locked in a room that is equipped with everything you need to escape. Your team will run into all sorts of challenges. You will have to carefully inspect every detail of your surrounding. Collect clues, combine things and help each other. Some challenges even require some skills to solve.

Find out more under „The Game

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. only limited slots available!  

tripadvisor-icon-pngFun,clever,unique: a must-do in Interlaken! Damn,that was fun! Mystery Room in Interlaken is an absolute must do! Especially if the weather isn’t cooperating or if you find yourself with open time between a morning activity and going out at night. We were briefed on the challenge and the owners were so incredibly friendly and fun. As for the Room itself- I can’t spoil the mystery!! All you need to know is : get three to some friends, and get ready to wisely spend an hour as your most curious, intuitive, problem solving self. All the while laughing and being surprised at cool twists and clues along the way… It was excellent. Absolutely try the MysteryRooms! Joanna, 23

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MysteryRooms is a fun team game that you can play together with your friends, relatives, or colleagues. You can even go just with a partner as a date, but we recommend 3-4 players, because the riddles can be tough and time is limited.

If you are looking for an incentive for you and your colleagues MysteryRooms is the perfect place. Work together on fun challenges and succeed together. You can even make it a competition and go for a duel in 2 groups.


Get some friends together for the experience of a lifetime!


Don’t wait any longer! Reserve your slot and be part of the adventure.

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adventure rooms bern