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Escape from the Asylum


Game for 2-7 persons (duel up to 10)

You wake up in a sick room in a private psychiatry – and you can only remember your first name. How did you come here? Why are you here? You are at a loss until you see a message from Sister Angie. She believes that you have fallen victim to an intrigue and will help you. She has hidden hints in your room so they can not be found by her colleagues. With the hints you can regain freedom and your memory. Will you manage to flee from the hospital?


We bring:

1 playset “Escape the Asylum”

Game control and control center (monitoring computer, monitors, microphone, cameras, printers, cables, etc.)

We need:

At least 1 room with the following minimal furniture: table, chair, wardrobe / chest of drawers

It would be advantageous to have a room TV / monitor with HDMI connection (but we also have in our luggage).

Optimal would be a second room with connecting door. This makes the duel mode possible.

The many advantages of our “mobile Escape the Asylum”

In the standard configuration, the game consists of many different puzzles of all kinds. This gives the players an above-average number of success stories and any preference for puzzle types is served.

The game includes a second room, the “secret room”, which the players do not expect. This allows a “2. Level “experience with a high motivation factor. In the mobile variant, however, a structure is also possible in only one room.


Through the second room, the game can be played as a duel variant. This makes it possible to go beyond the standard group size of 7 people. This makes mystery.mobil particularly suitable for company events, where high throughput numbers are important for participants.

Once the players are in the second room, the game leader can close the passage (depending on the room selection). This allows him to reset the first room, which is ready for the next group at an early stage.

The game is suitable for players of 12-99 years. The story is based on 3 question mark adventures and can be customized for all target groups and ages.

Theme and a story are crucial for a good live escape game. The story creates atmosphere and the tension curve ends in an impressive final.

Our self-developed hint and help system can be connected to any monitor / TV or operated with a tablet. This ensures that no playgroup “gets stuck”.

 Mystery Rooms - Live Escape Game Munich - Essen - Frankfurt - Interlaken

In addition, we offer an innovative concept for entertaining the waiting participants while the other part of the group plays: The BrainBox – a mobile puzzle station that can be played as a challenge. The BrainBox is the perfect complement for a mobile game and the use in Teambuilding. More info on

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 Mystery Rooms - Live Escape Game Munich - Essen - Frankfurt - Interlaken
 Mystery Rooms - Live Escape Game Munich - Essen - Frankfurt - Interlaken
 Mystery Rooms - Live Escape Game Munich - Essen - Frankfurt - Interlaken
 Mystery Rooms - Live Escape Game Munich - Essen - Frankfurt - Interlaken