Mind Arena

Das Escape Spiel für große Gruppen bis zu 25 Personen vor Ort und bis zu 42 Personen für die mobile Version.

The MindArena is the escape game for large groups of up to 42 people. Here, large groups can also puzzle among themselves as a team like in an escape room and experience a novel and longer gameplay. Thanks to changing station challenges and skill phase changes, each individual is repeatedly involved in the ongoing action. Boredom or exclusion are impossible here. Every single player is really involved in this escape game for large groups.

Begeisterung pur für alle Altersklassen. Ein Freizeitprodukt, das man gleichermaßen von ca. 12-80 Jahre spielen kann. Die MindArena ist nicht nur für Freundesgruppen interessant, sondern auch für Firmen, Behörden, Vereine, JGAs und Schulklassen (ab ca. 7/8-te Klasse oder Berufsschulen).

In terms of skills, the same applies to the MindArena as to Escape Rooms; namely cooperation, organization, lateral thinking, creativity, logic, intuition and above all communication and problem-solving skills in a team. The process, however, is longer and more varied. 

6 stations – 7 players per station – 90 minutes

Which team will get the most points?

The MindArena game takes place in the MysteryBasement.

If you book the MindArena as a private group, please note that the MindArena is not a game that you play exclusively with your group, but you play in competition against other teams. We offer the MindArena exclusively for companies.

MindArena can also be played in English! Perfect for international companies, meetings, language schools, English classes, tourists, etc ...or simply as a particularly difficult challenge.

Play time
90 min
12+ yrs
exciting team competition
large groups (up to 84 players in total)
mobile at the location of your choice or with us in Munich

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